Virginia Van Zandt Photography

Virginia Van Zandt

I enjoy finding beauty, symmetry and mystery in the world around us, especially in unusual places that might be easy to overlook. Many of my photographs are solitary and, I hope, evoke something meditative. I think the best photographs contain an element of mystery and I strive to incorporate that in mine. I find abundant subject matter and inspiration in my home city of San Francisco, the rugged scenery of the Coast and country of California, and my travels around the US and Europe.

I work in a variety of styles and never tire of producing new images. I love photographing nature and capturing the unique mood of a time or place, or finding unusual designs and perspectives in the urban environment. Some of my pictures are presented purely as taken; some are added, edited, or manipulated images. I have embraced digital photography and love the flexibility, immediacy and creative opportunities it offers.

My photographs have been exhibited in juried shows at the Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins, Colorado, and at the San Francisco Women Artist’s Gallery.